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Monday, January 17, 2011

Remember Today and Get Off the Damn Phone

Do you remember when people would patiently wait their turn? As you were at the soda dispenser, people would stand back until you were finished filling your cup with the beverage of your choice. At the grocery store, people would stand back until you completed your transaction. If there were two registers open, generally you would make one line so that as a cashier was open, the next person in line could advance.

Well, I find these pleasantries to have fallen by the wayside. I have been reached around as I am trying to get a drink so that someone could fill their cup. I have had people standing unnecessarily close to me at the grocery store as I am trying to pay for my goods.  I have also experienced people walking around me to get into a line that I, too, am waiting for because I was giving space to the person in front of me.

Why are we so disconnected to each other? I have had people give me heartfelt thank yous for holding the door open for them. It's no big deal. Is this not an expected courtesy? I do not talk on my phone at restaurants or when in line to check out. I may be one of the few left that considers this rude. I have also witnessed confused looks as I greet someone with a "hello" or "good afternoon" as I walk by.

Now, the world has not gone to hell in a hand basket, yet. However, I don't want to think we are getting even close.

Today is the day we are to think about a great man that made extraordinary sacrifices, including his life. Great strides have been made in the wake of his work. Many people joined and continue to advance his cause. If we can not show each other the most basic of courtesy and consideration, then what will be lost next?

So many important political and social movements have been based on connecting with each other, finding similar passions, dreams, hopes, and even ways to interact. How can we do any of those things if we can not even acknowledge the physical presence of another human being who is two steps away?

So, today, open a door for someone, say hello to a passerby, give someone a little time and space to take care of their transaction, and for the love of all things holy, hang up the phone and interact with the people around you. Do this and know that you are actually advancing important social causes much like and important man. Many small steps can advance you quite a way toward your far reaching goals.

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