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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Monkeys Are Back

My head is all abuzz like the bees in the clover. (Re-read that. It was awesomely poetic and awesome. Just read it one more time. Yea, that was good. Too bad this long interlude has completely ruined it).

This is a happy week and I have a lot running in my noggin. Yes, the monkeys are back and swinging around. So, I am going to make a list of all that is up there in an attempt to quiet my thoughts and put them in an orderly kindergarten like-line. OK, maybe 1st grade line. Kindergardeners are still a bit squirrely, but I definitely do not want a 4th or 5th grade line. They have given up on lines by then and good for them. I never made my students walk in lines. It's seemed fascist, or at least completely unnecessary.

See the monkeys have completely taken over. In line you fools. One at a time. Present your idea and then back to the trees to eat bananas and groom each other!

These thoughts are in no particular order. Just random items running through my head. Well, maybe I will list them chronologically since the first thing that happened is the reason for my giddy, happy week.

1) Blaine and I had a long talk on Sunday afternoon. I had written a few times back about the division of labor in any partnership. I was feeling as if the work I do around the house, to keep the family running, and in service to others was not being acknowledged as work.

I added up the hours I spend weekly at the kids school, teaching gymnastics, volunteering at the church, making dinner and then added .5 hours in for just daily house stuff. It added up to 35.5 hours. (Sometimes 45.5 hours if I have more than one church meeting).

The adding of the hours was for me. I really started to question myself about my value in the family. I think this is common among stay-at-home parents. Especially stay-at-home parents who do not have a spotless house (I am part of this group).

I feel that my spouse questions me about the state of the house sometimes. Like it is my responsibility to clean up after everyone. It is not! I keep the family schedule, drive kids around, help with homework, bathe smelly children, prepare and clean up meals, I will clean the home, but not pick-up everyone else's crap, and I wash and put away the laundry. That is the extent of my household duties. I am here to run things. And I expect help in the form of chores from the girls and lawn and trash service from Blaine.

It was an amazing talk. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. We are on the same page. He does value what I do and felt badly that I was questioning his feelings based on some statements that were misunderstandings on his part or mine.

This has lead to a great week.

2) I said screw the dishes yesterday morning and decided to start the day by sewing a quilt I am working on instead. I have now decided to start everyday with something fun and interesting rather than my first house item. It just sets a happy tone for the rest of the day.

I always forget how much I like to sew. I am not particularly great at it, but I love it. I warned the lady who I am making this quilt for that I am in no way a perfectionist and I would rather fudge and mess around with things than ever remove a stitch and have to re-do something. I like the quilts to turn out lumpy and stretchy so they look like they have been in use for a while and people are not afraid to use them.

Anyway, I think I will start each morning by quilting, writing, drinking coffee and watching a show on HGTV.

3) I took the girls shopping yesterday to buy pants and shorts for my big girl. Nothing fits her right now. It was time to buck up and clothes shop, which I hate!! My hatred is based on the fact that the money aspect of it stresses me out so much. We had several years where there was little to no money for clothes. We used grocery money, relied on hand me downs and the gifts of clothes that always come from the grandmas each season. Our finances are not in that spot anymore, but the feelings and memory still linger, and it make it difficult to enjoy clothes shopping. (It's the same reason I have a phobic relationship with the phone. I know it is not collectors calling, but the memories and feelings are there and make me cringe every time the phone rings. That's why I don't answer the phone folks).

So, we started at my favorite place, Goodwill, and we scored!! I was so happy. 2 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs or shorts (all Gap or Old Navy), $3 each. She also found two great accessories for her new room, $4 each and a cute tank top, $2. I found 3 pairs of super cute summer sandals with little heels, 2 brand new($8, $6) and one that looks as if they had been worn once or twice ($6). I bought a beautiful linen curtain, silvery/gray, for the new house $4 and 3 purses at $3 each. 2 of them will be embellished and use as gifts.  My little one also got a little Old Navy skirt $3, and a brand new top $3. Score!

Then we went to Khols and restocked my big girl's tank top stash. He belly was beginning to threaten to pop out from under her current ones. They were all 2 years old and have served their time.

So, I got over my shopping fear and we did great!

So, onto Tuesday. I have a project that popped into my head this morning, but I am going to wait to share it until the idea is a little more formed. But, I am super excited about it!!!!

OK. I think the monkeys have retreated, for now. Have a happy day and go find something to make you happy. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you are awesome and your work matters! If you are a working parent, you are awesome and nice work providing for your family in such a great and necessary way.

Now, onto sewing, or maybe this new project. I better decided first before those two monkeys start fighting it out. That will just lead to the flinging of poop and no one wants that!! Seriously my house is messy enough and god know, no one else will clean it up!

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